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Training and Hunting grounds 10,000 hectare block
Featuring David Kauta, Trainer
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Trainers  Joshua, Caleb and David Kauta
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 Training dogs sent in from south island
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Pumping the work into Bear and Sky 

NZ Pig Dog Training School   

Prime hunting areas closed except for young dogs that come in for training.

 NOT Pressured by other Pig Hunters

All bush hunting for young dogs.

Each dog will find and catch their own pigs.

15,000 hectares private  hunting area loaded with wild pigs.

KILLS  are vital to each dogs development

No pigs held in fenced off areas.  No domesticated trainer boars,  Not a man made training facility.

$600 per dog for a full month hunting course. 

Ph 07 3158228 or  027 858 1775.


Full Time Pig Dog Trainers





Ph 07 3158228

Text  027 858 1775

Email joshuakauta@gmail.com